Someone To Talk To

I was out shooting some street photography this weekend in Calgary. I saw this guy on a street corner and couldn’t help but notice his mannequin head sticking out of his shopping cart haha. I imagine him walking around talking to this head, but I don’t know, I could be way off! All’s I know, is if I was walking around with a mannequin head all day I’d probably start talking to it haha.

I am not really in the habit of asking people if I can take their picture on the street, I usually just do it. However, when you run into a guy with a head sticking out of his shopping cart and a sharp ski poll on the side of it, better just ask a brotha haha. So in this case I did just that and the guy was more than happy to let me take a picture. It’s nice to see someone who can be having that ruff of a go at life still be able to smile when seeing the joy some one else get’s from their little eccentricities.

I hope things turn around for this guy! Good luck out there you two ;).

Blog Calgary homeless shopping cart mannequin manikin head winter bokeh yyc - Rob Moses Photography - World Famous Un Celebrity - Seattle Top Vancouver Photographer Popular PhotographersCamera: Canon 6D & 50mm 1.4 ~ Settings: f/1.4 – 1/400th – ISO 100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

14 thoughts

  1. Rob, it makes sense to me! Although it’s the opposite, I talk to my girls all the time. Of course they have no heads or arms… just a body! “lol”

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