Abandoned House Mannequin

Last weekend a friend of mine and I went out to High River, Alberta to check out this abandoned neighbourhood. The whole neighbourhood was built on in a flood zone and of course it had been flooded. The province(state) decided the residence could no longer live there so they bought everyone out. Anyhow, we walked around and checked out the scene and there really wants much to see, just looked like an empty neighbourhood because all the house are too new and the city is still cutting the grass. Once it got dark we dragged this mannequin into the neighbourhood (you could not drive in) and set it up in front  of this house for some weirdo shots haha.

We used one LED to camera left, another to camera right behind the tree lighting up house and one Canon 580EX ii Speedlite directly behind the mannequin for rim light.

It’s kind of a weird picture, but we had fun taking it! 🙂

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Someone To Talk To

I was out shooting some street photography this weekend in Calgary. I saw this guy on a street corner and couldn’t help but notice his mannequin head sticking out of his shopping cart haha. I imagine him walking around talking to this head, but I don’t know, I could be way off! All’s I know, is if I was walking around with a mannequin head all day I’d probably start talking to it haha.

I am not really in the habit of asking people if I can take their picture on the street, I usually just do it. However, when you run into a guy with a head sticking out of his shopping cart and a sharp ski poll on the side of it, better just ask a brotha haha. So in this case I did just that and the guy was more than happy to let me take a picture. It’s nice to see someone who can be having that ruff of a go at life still be able to smile when seeing the joy some one else get’s from their little eccentricities.

I hope things turn around for this guy! Good luck out there you two ;).

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