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  1. The best logo is one that doesn’t interfere with the reading of the image. So, I prefer discreet logos : small, with a color in accordance with those of the photo…
    That’s my humble opinion. πŸ™‚

  2. your logo is a great design that works best in full I think Rob. with the transparent version it loses a lot of its impact. Unlike a lot i see your logo doesn’t “interfere” with the photograph…so may as well make the most of it!

  3. Keep the opacity at 100%. It’ll work well as long as you place it as you have (in a lower, out-of-the-way corner). I’ve seen a few where the logo was placed in an upper corner and it completely distracted from the photo.

    • Thanks for sharing your opinion Nickie. Sometimes I will place it in the top if there is nothing at all up there. Like a sky or something like that. I was never really sure about doing that though, haha. We’ll see how I move forward. I’ll have to play it by image. Thanks again ;).

  4. I prefer the look of the full logo. I don’t know if you are only using it on your online images to preserve copyright or if you include it on your printed images. I had a logo on printed images for a while but have since removed it. At least in this area and on Fine Art America people tend to prefer/purchase photographs that to not include a logo on them.

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