Drunk Girl Shakes Up My Pic

Last night I decided to go out and get some night shots of this bridge that is near my house. As I arrived I noticed a few sketchy looking people milling about, but they ended up going on their way, so I set up my tripod and camera. I set my camera to a 30 second exposure and half way through that first frame some drunk girl and her friend came walking by. The drunk girl then mumbles something about taking a picture and proceeds to grab my tripod and camera and started shaking it around! I grabbed my camera and politely asked her to let go of it as she was ruining my picture! She continued to mumble and shake my camera and finally let go and pushed it away and said “Fine!” and then she walked off to be greeted by anther drunk friend of hers on the bridge LOL. At first I was a little upset that she had ruined my picture, then I looked at what the camera got and I was pleasantly surprised that her insanity had actually made my picture arguablyย better! haha. I re-took the shot after they had gone on their way and it is bellow the shaken up photo, I actually do like the first one better :).

Now if all that wasn’t enough, it didn’t end there. I decided to walk down a path by the river to get some other shots. As I was walking on this particularly dark part of the path I noticed the worlds biggest beaver waddling around the path a mere 8 feet in front of me! I stopped immediately and turned around. At first I thought it might be a skunk, then I thought, “No that is way to big to be a skunk”. Then being the great outdoorsman that I am (I’m a terrible outdoorsman) I thought it might be a small bear cub! LOL. Ya a bear cub just walking down city path haha. After looking around for the “cubs” mother I quickly realized that was ridiculous. Anyhow, I waited about 5 minutes till he went down the side of the path a bit then went on my way haha. I would have got a picture of the beaver, but unfortunately I didn’t have a flash with me. Thankfully that was all the craziness I endured last night.

Calgary Alberta Canada old bridge night lights city yyc - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Vancouver Calgary Photographer Native American PhotographersCamera: Canon 6D & 17-40L @17mm ~ Setting: 30 seconds – f/20 – ISO 100

Calgary Alberta Canada old bridge night lights city yyc - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Vancouver Calgary Photographer Native American Photographers 2.jpgCamera: Canon 6D & 17-40L @17mm ~ Setting: 30 seconds – f/20 – ISO 100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

42 thoughts

  1. Very fun photos–especially the first. And the story is priceless. Let’s assume that the drunk girl is actually a performance artist and set out intentionally to help another artist . . .

  2. So funny! I have to find some old “disk” camera picture I took coming back from Canada on vacation. I tried to shoot something in a moving car and it came out similar to that top picture with weird swirls, really cool looking.

  3. Certainly adds a jenny say kwa to the overall feel of the shot.
    First glance before reading I thought ‘Wow!’; then I wondered about the purple tinges (our bridges and stuff are all boring tin colours); and finally after reading I wondered how I would have handled such a situation. Not so well as you, I suspect.
    Bears? In town? I wouldn’t dismiss the thought too readily …

  4. I have to say, the coloring here is pretty sweet. I always love pictures that show movement of light, and this one isn’t blurry like they usually are. She must be a budding photographer ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. You are way calmer than me on the touching of the tripod – lol. ๐Ÿ˜‰ But seriously she did a fantastic light paint ;)Maybe I should give it a shot after some vino.

  6. I guess I am the only one who is mourning the “no flash, no beaver photo” issue. When I was doing a brief tour of Canada I saw a lot of evidence of beaver activity but never saw any animals in action or otherwise. Wish I had. Wish you’d had that flash!

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