Urban Sunset

Sunsets over a city are always the best to me! I love the light shining off the glass buildings and different reflections in the windows. Usually when I shoot a sunset like this I get more of the city, but the tighter shot does show more detail and is pleasant to look at in its own way.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

7 thoughts

  1. Hey Rob, am I crazy or does your blog have a new look?
    Anyway, I’m doing a new Art Gown. Here, yes, I am crazy. Each Art Gown takes 3 – 6 months to make.
    In as much as I adore my graffiti blog, I want to concentrate on my Art Gowns blog. So, I am looking for reblogs that are Art Gown worthy.
    May I reblog a wedding post every once in awhile, on my Art Gowns blog? The wedding gowns are the best.

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