Flight of The AE-1

I’m sure this idea isn’t new and there are people all over the world tossing their cameras around, but I this particular version was my idea. Location was key for this photo, as the background (even though it’s blurry) would play a big part in the over all feel of the final product. Since its winter in Calgary I thought I’d better find a place that had some contrast to the white snow everywhere. At first I was going to have a blurry city in the background, but I’m always shooting city stuff so I thought a bit of nature might be good to mix things up a bit. The trees provided the needed contrast and the glove I wore seemed to go well with the camera and over all scene. Once I had all that figured out I just stood in the snow with my camera pointed at this one and tossed it up and down until I got this shot.

Photography is so fun! 🙂

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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