Climbing For Pictures

I shot this photo from kind of a weird spot. I was on the side of a busy off ramp from a bridge with no walking or biking path. I just climbed up the hill from under the bridge and shot my photos from the side of the street. Thankfully there is a barer between the side of the hill and the cars, so it wasn’t to wild. Anyhow, I like spots like this because it is a view people don’t constantly see everyday, unless they drive over this bridge all the time or find themselves climbing around the sides of over passes 🙂

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Thank you for stopping by, Rob

2 thoughts

  1. True Rob… I often threaten to take my stepladder out on a cityscape shoot, though I’m yet to do that! I’m frequently a meter or so too low for the best shot. Just think of all those walls we could peer over.

    What I mean, for example, is that I have a detail in the distance (a church steeple) and a blank block (featureless brick wall) nearby occupying at least the bottom half of the frame.

    I’m not particularly adverse to the brick wall but it takes too much of the frame and I’d like to get higher to get more of the steeple.

    One day I’ll remember my steps!

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