Street Shooting The Pearl

canon-6d-50mm-exif-data-rob-mosesI found myself walking down the street in the Pearl District of Portland and did a little street shooting. The color of this building really stood out to me so I held down the corner for a couple of minutes so I could get a person in my shot. This cool looking girl came around just in time :).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob


8 thoughts

    • Hey long time no hear my friend! How you been? Thank you about the picture. I hope everything has been going good! Sorry I don’t spend as much time on WordPress as I used too, so I don’t really get around to often. I have migrated over to Instagram theses days and spend more time there than here. Are you on Instagram?

  1. The picture would have been great without the person, but she really makes the photo pop. Especially given her unusual mode of clothing. There is something about people in photos that makes the place more real.

  2. Nice shot! Her purple bag really captures the eye.

    You mentioned above you spend more time on Instagram. I’ve looked at photos belonging to my friends, how do you like it there?

    • Thank you, yes that purple really does shine hey! :). About Instagram, it’s great! I get a lot more action there, interns of interaction and what not. The reach is a lot farther than wordpress, I am guessing because people just look at it on their phone so than can do so on the train or on a break. I know you can come here too, but people don’t. I keep this going though because I think looking my pictures in a larger size looks much better and I hope that people will go from there to here eventually.

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