Rick with a Canon FD 85mm

Sony a7ii Canon FD 85mm 1.8 exif data rob moses

This is Rick and he is one of the Realtors I work with. Rick wanted new picture for his blog and I wanted to try shooting headshot with my 1970’s Canon 85mm f/1.8 on a Sony A7ii. Shooting such shallow depth of field with these old manual focus lenses definitely slows things down. Shooting in this fashion does make things more interesting, but attention to detail is a must. The A7ii has a cool little function when shooting manual focus. You press one button and the view finder zooms in 100% to a predetermined point, you can then get your focus right where you want it and then shoot the photo. This works well for an adult, but good luck keeping a kid still enough to take advantage of this one. If you got a bunch of old lenses kicking around, picking up one of these bodies might be good idea.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Follow Rick on Twitter at @RickEasthope 🙂

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