Rocky City Sunset

Rob Moses Exif data 6d 300mm 2.8

Yesterday evening, straight after dinner I raced out of my house to a predetermined location. When I got in my car the sun was starting to set and I worried I had waited to long to leave. By the time I got to the location the sky had not yet turned colourful. This was good, because it gave me a little time to set up and try a few different spots to get my angle just right. As soon as that sky started changing colour I started snapping! It was beautiful night to shoot the skyline and the mountains in behind the city really make the photo something special. Pictures like this kinda make me love this place :).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click to view image in a larger size.

Click to view image in a larger size.

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  3. Great shot! I am planning to visit Calgary in late September and want to capture a similar shot. I used to live in Calgary and there is this shot I have seen fleetingly when I drive by a certain place and this shot of yours looks like it could be from the same vantage point. The shot I have in mind is from 36 St NE near Sunridge Mall. There is a brief opening to see the downtown skyline driving down that road. But there is nowhere for a quick stop. I remember thinking of a potential spot up on one of those junction. Is your shot from anywhere near that area?

  4. Thanks lots for the response, Rob! I see the view on 19 St, and see the over pass on google street view. More or less in the same vicinity, I guess. I was in Calgary late September 2014 and I remember that would have been an epic skyline shot because the sun was setting right behind the scene ( at that time of year) and it would make the skyline into silhouette. And the location is far enough from downtown that I could use a longer telephoto to bring the sun up to larger scale. I will sure let you know how it turns out, and share the info with you if it’s successful. When I was there 2014 I spent the whole day shooting The Tower, you can see some of it there if you are interested.

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