Just Weeks before with Amy & Dwight

I went kicking around Princes Island Park with Amy & Dwight the other day to shoot some engagement photos. Funny thing about this photo session is it was only a few weeks away from the actual wedding! Not exactly typical, but who cares ;). We really lucked out with the weather because the days leading up to the shoot were really ugly out and then on the day the sun was shinning and it was sweater weather. Good weather, good people and a good location is a recipe for fun and that’s what happened.

I also shot a bit of video along the way too and have added it here if your into that sort of thing.

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Rick with a Canon FD 85mm

Sony a7ii Canon FD 85mm 1.8 exif data rob moses

This is Rick and he is one of the Realtors I work with. Rick wanted new picture for his blog and I wanted to try shooting headshot with my 1970’s Canon 85mm f/1.8 on a Sony A7ii. Shooting such shallow depth of field with these old manual focus lenses definitely slows things down. Shooting in this fashion does make things more interesting, but attention to detail is a must. The A7ii has a cool little function when shooting manual focus. You press one button and the view finder zooms in 100% to a predetermined point, you can then get your focus right where you want it and then shoot the photo. This works well for an adult, but good luck keeping a kid still enough to take advantage of this one. If you got a bunch of old lenses kicking around, picking up one of these bodies might be good idea.

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Sony Eye AF on Barb

Rob Moses exif data Sony a7ii 55mm 1.8

Barb is one of the realtors I work with (shooting real estate) and the other day she mentioned she didn’t like her current picture. I suggested we take a new one, so we decided to grab a quick snap on the balcony of the office building we work in. The sun was shining rather bright so I didn’t want any part of that because of the harsh shadows. I noticed one corner of the building that was shaded by some large nearby trees, but still had some nice light bouncing off the windows. The lighting worked out pretty good for such an unplanned event.

I shot this photo with my recently acquired Sony a7ii paired up with my Sony 55mm 1.8 Ziess lens. The coolest part about shooting a portrait with this set up is Sony has some amazing auto focus technology in this department. I press one button on the back of my camera and the auto focus hits right on the person’s eye! Once that focus hits, I press the shutter button with my index fitter and it’s perfect focus every time! This cool feature is by far my favourite thing about shooting with the a7 series cameras. I hope Canon picks up this little gem of an idea in the future.

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I’m sure Saturday night is the worst possible time to post a picture, but here ya go anyhow haha.

My son Cammy likes to watch me out the front window in the morning as I leave for work. I snapped this one on my way out the door the other day :).

blog Cammy loves apples - Rob Moses Photography - Pentax Bokeh 50mm k5Camera: Pentax K-5 & SMC Pentax-F 50mm 1.7 ~ Settings: 1/160th – f/1.7 – ISO 200

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These Dreams of Shooting Fashion

Lisa M G 2 famous - Rob Moses Photography celebrity Are you one of those people who watches “The Breakfast Club” and then wishes they went to high school in the 80’s? Or after you watched “The Fast & The Furious” you went into the gararge and lifted up the hood of your car only to realized you don’t really know what your looking at? Well I am,  and I just watched an interesting documentary called “Picture Me” about a model (Sara Ziff) and her experiences in the modelling & fashion industry. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero interest in putting down my camera and putting on a Speedo! It’s the photography I am interested in.

It has always been a dream of mine to shoot fashion. However, up to this point I haven’t really done much to insert my self into that industry. Some where along the way I started shooting weddings and then that developed into a full time gig. I always thought to my self “I can shoot wedding and try and get into fashion with the rest of my time”. Unfortunately, shooting weddings is rather time consuming and there just isn’t a lot of time left over. With that my fashion photography dreams kind of hit the back burner.
So just as “Back To The Future” made me want to skateboard as a kid, seeing those fashion photographers on that documentary has reinvigorated my fashion dreams. Now lets see if I can do anything about it! 😉
Here are a few photos I shot last December with a girl (Lisa M G) I found on Model Mayhem.
Lisa M G 1 famous - Rob Moses Photography celebrity
Lisa M G 3 famous - Rob Moses Photography celebrity
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