I’m sure Saturday night is the worst possible time to post a picture, but here ya go anyhow haha.

My son Cammy likes to watch me out the front window in the morning as I leave for work. I snapped this one on my way out the door the other day :).

blog Cammy loves apples - Rob Moses Photography - Pentax Bokeh 50mm k5Camera: Pentax K-5 & SMC Pentax-F 50mm 1.7 ~ Settings: 1/160th – f/1.7 – ISO 200

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

18 thoughts

  1. I’ve been trying to figure out the best time to post, but have pretty much given up and just go for it! Great photo, Rob, definitely one to print, frame and leave on your desk. You seem to be enjoying the K5?

    • Thank you Mike :). Yes I am enjoying the Pentax for sure. I like how it’s small but still has a good grip and feels good in the hand. The processor in the k5 is a little slow, but for everyday non-work stuff it’s all good. The image quality is good and a little different from Canon, which is exactly what I needed. Funny thing though is like 2 days after I got the K5 I was give’n a 6D and a couple lenses haha. So now I got the 5D mark iii, 6D and the K5. One person shouldn’t have 3 awesome cameras haha. I’ll probably play with the K5 for another few months and sell it.

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