Stop and Enjoy the View

Camera: Nikon D300s & 70-210mm F4 at 70mm ~ Settings: f/16 – 1/125th – ISO 200

I was out the other day shooting photos with my Nikon D300s and an old lens that has kind of a so-so reputation. The lens is a circa 1986 – 87 Nikon AF 70-210mm F4. I personally like the lens, but I have a thing for shooting photos with funny old lenses :).

Anyhow, just as I was enjoying the view of the city, this girl stopped near me and decided to do the same while drinking her coffee. That building behind her is called the “Saddledome” and it is where the local NHL Hockey team (The Calgary Flames) plays.

YYC woman drinking coffee saddledome bokeh city life winter Rob Moses Photography Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous un celebrity Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good CanadianCamera: Nikon D300s & 70-210mm F4 at 210mm ~ Settings: f/16 – 1/1250th – ISO 200

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

2 thoughts

  1. The lens may have a “reputation,” but it certainly came through for you here, Rob. I love the fine detail in this one. It has an HDR-ish look to it, so you obviously snagged the dynamic range. Nice work. 🙂

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