The Train Over 10th

I was looking for a picture in my files this weekend and came across this picture. I totally forgot I even took it and can’t believe I didn’t rush to share it straight away, because I rather like this shot. It’s a nice view down 10th Street and it’s kind of cool with the train going by over top of the street. Views like this always make me love Calgary.

10th street Kensington YYC Alberta Canada city skyline overpass subway LRT sky urban - Rob Moses Photography -Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian Awesome LifestyleCamera: Canon 6D & 50mm 1.4 ~ Settings: f/10 – 1/13th – ISO 2500

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

18 thoughts

  1. Gorgeous shot, with wonderful leading lines and glorious colors. Calgary should name you its photographer laureate.

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