Nelson Street Scene

I have always liked street scenes like this. When I look at pictures like this I always wonder things like “Where are those people going? I wonder where they are now?” I like to see life in the streets of whatever city picture I’m taking, it makes the pictures interesting to me. Of course this doesn’t go for every picture, but when people are in the picture and things are happening I find the photo to be more entertaining, if I can call it that.

Camera: Minolta 800si & 28mm f/2.8
Film: Kodak Gold 200

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

To see how I shot this photo watch the following video.

2 thoughts

  1. Sweet video Rob and wicked-cool town, Nelson. Like the look of the snow-covered foothills and the old lamp posts like I’ve seen up in Vancouver. Cool alley, all around good, and nice beats you put down on that video. Thanks for sharing!

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