Kodak Gold & My Minolta 800si

I went to Nelson, BC last weekend to shoot some 35mm film and make a video. I was shooting photos with my Minolta 800si, AF 50mm f/1.7 & 28mm f/2.8. I shot a 24 frame roll Kodak Gold 200 film and it was the only roll I brought on the trip, so I had to choose my pictures wisely. I filmed the photo walk myself as I went around shooting my photos. This obviously slowed me down, but the video turned out better than I was expecting so I was happy about that.

While I was editing the video I started to realize it was going to be too long. The video was looking to be at least 10 minutes and I have doubts anyone would watch the full video. With that in mind I decided to make it into a two part video.

The video will be at the bottom of this post, you should give it a watch.

These two shots are some of my favourite pictures from the trip. I just stumbled on this boat. I was actually looking for a good spot to get a picture of the bridge in the background and when I saw this old boat I thought would make for a more interesting picture. Anyhow, if your more interested in how it all came together just give the video a watch. 🙂

Camera: Minolta 800si & AF 28mm f/2.8

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Note: I will be addressing the blog hosting thing tomorrow.


7 thoughts

  1. This was great. Such a nice view through the gate, too! Kodak Gold 200…wasn’t it kind of revolutionary when Kodak came out with 400 film? I was using my Pentax Spotmatic F then and was so excited about that film.
    Having never been to Canada, I am in awe of how pretty it is.

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