Lake is Life

No matter what the weather is doing I love this lake. I grew up by the water is almost all the places I lived (and there was a lot) growing up. Other than when I lived Phoenix AZ I spent my life living by either the ocean or a big lake. When I moved to Calgary I didn’t realize I would miss the water so much. When you spend your life by the water you kind of take it for granted. Only when there is a lack of beaches and waterfront do you realize how much you enjoyed it, at least that’s how it has been for me.

Now that I’m back by the water I am loving it. From time to time I start to second guess our move from Calgary to Kelowna, but as soon as I get near that lake it makes me happy and it is a nice reminder that we made the right move. For me, this lake is life.

Camera: Sony a7R ii & Canon 70-300mm IS DO

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

14 thoughts

  1. I know what you mean about living by a large body of water. I live by Lake Ontario. I can see it from my windows, and walk there in 4 minutes
    (I only have to cross a foot bridge). Although it’s one of the smaller Great Lakes, you cannot see the other side.
    Kelowna is a lovely city, and the shot of the lake is stunning. You must be happy raising your kids there!

    • Yes we are pretty happy here so far. I’m sure we’ll be more happy when all this work on our house is done and spring hits :).

      That lake though, yes I remember it well. It really does feel like the ocean. I remember always thinking that back when I lived there.

  2. Where I grew up in New Jersey, the beach was about an hour away. Here in sunny Florida, the bayou is right across the street and the beach is just a few miles. You got it right, Rob. Living on the water is the best.

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