My Favourite Camera

This has been my favourite camera now for many years! I have and have had technically “better” cameras, but for whatever reason, I still use this one more than any other. It is the Sony a7R original. It’s a 36 megapixel camera with 14.1 stops of dynamic range and for me that is just perfect. Of course more DR is always better, but 14 is still pretty outstanding in my books. 36 megapixels is a nice size, it’s big, but not over the top. I have a a7R mark ii, but I honestly dont even use it that often. I also had a mark iii that I didn’t use much either. For me this original bad boy is what I love.

I should be noted that I use a lot of manual focus lenses with this camera. I have a lot of auto focus lens too, but to be honest the AF on this camera is not great. If I wasn’t such a big manual focus guy, this camera probably wouldn’t be my go to tool. If I know I need to rely on my auto focus I’ll usually reach for the mark ii.

Photo shot on iPhone X

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. It’s interesting that we have favorite bodies and that’s what we like to stick with. I find your comment on manual focus lenses of interest. I think the only manual focus lenses I have now are for medium and large format film cameras. I’ve used mirrorless cameras for convenient carry cameras since 2009, but the’ve had issues with auto-focus. My current Fujifilm X-E1 is better with auto-focus, but still gives me problems in adverse lighting, which is often the conditions I’m shooting in. My favorite body is a Canon 1Ds Mark II. I wore out the shutter, found a place that replaced it for a reasonable price, but now it’s having other electronics issues, I may have to come to the realization that I’ve warn it out. I have a 1Ds Mark III, but I don’t like it as well as the Mark II.

    • I used to have an X-E1! ( Great little camera. But ya I also had those same feelings regarding the auto focus. As for the Canon 1Ds bodies, yes those are awesome! I used to shoot with some 1D mark iiN/ii’s and a iii back in the day and I really loved them. I always wanted a 1Ds iii, but never got one. Still kinda want one haha. Anyhow, your right, it’s funny how we choose something that works for us and just stick with it. If my Nikon D3s was like 20mp I would still be shooting with it, that was one of my all time favourites, but 12mp is a little to low even for me.

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