Parked for the winter

I parked the van in my garage last night and it barely fit. Lucky for me the previous owner of my house left these sandbags just sitting by the garage, so I put them in the back of the van and had my kids jump in there too. That extra weight was just enough too fit my van into the garage. So now it’s time to do a bunch of work on it that I have been planning on doing. Should come out of there looking like a new van in the spring. 🙂

This is one of my favourite photos of my van from this year. I love this picture because of the beautiful autumn colors of the trees in the background. Of course I love the van too haha. That van is old and needs all kinds of work, but it puts a smile on my face every time I get behind the the wheel. I don’t know many cars that will do that on a continued basis. Maybe there is a car like that for everyone? For me this is it.

1st photo shot with a Sony a7R & Canon 70-300mm IS DO – 2nd photo shot on a iPhone X

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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