High Bridge in Spokane

I was kicking around Browns Addition in Spokane one day last fall and found this nice view over looking High Bridge Park. One look at the picture I took and you can guess as to how they came up with the name haha. Although the park name may be simple, it is definitely accurate because that is one super high bridge!

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Abandoned Car

Canon 6d 17-40mm exif data rob mosesI went out on a little photo adventure with a friend of mine over the weekend. My friend had scouted the location of this abandoned farm on another trip he had done in the area. After walking around the spot for 15 minutes or so, I noticed the car. I knew right away I was going to like the final product. The car is just placed in the perfect spot near the shore of the lake. Pretty crazy to think that car was once something special to someone and now it’s just sitting in the middle of nowhere slowly decaying. . . Ah well, out with the old and in the new I guess hey ;).

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