Autumn Car

I don’t ever go around taking pictures of other people’s cars. If it’s a van, then ya 100% I’m going to take that picture haha. But some “cool car”, I just have zero interest in what most people think is a cool car. Don’t get me wrong, I can appreciate a nice car for what it is, but they just don’t get me going in any way.

With that said, when I was walking by this car I couldn’t help but think the scene looked nice. The colour of the car and leaves together just looked pleasant to me, so I took the picture. I took this picture about a month ago now I guess. I figured I’d better get the last of my autumn shots out the door before it starts getting all wintery around here.

Camera: Sony a7R & Nikkor-H 85mm f/1.8

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

9 thoughts

  1. That’s a beautiful Porsche with the leaves. It is a scene that would be hard to pass up. We have so many cool classic cars that are in great shape in our dry climate, that I often photograph the classics. I also like photographing car shows.

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