I've been posting some of my families van pictures here and there on another blog (wordpress.letsgowestfalia.com). I figure I might as well reblog some of the post here too. :)
On our first drive through Glacier National Park in Montana I was completely blown away! I had no idea how beautiful it was. When we passed this spot on the way down I knew I needed to make a stop there to get a shot of the mountain and the van. Since stopping would be […]
via My Westfalia Wallpaper from Glacier National Park —

Abandoned Car

I went out on a little photo adventure with a friend of mine over the weekend. My friend had scouted the location of this abandoned farm on another trip he had done in the area. After walking around the spot for 15 minutes or so, I noticed the car. I knew right away I was going to …

Joplin Bug

What you know about cruising in a vintage convertible VW Bug! I saw this little jem while roaming the streets of Tulum, Mexico. I guess this is the Mexican version of Janis Joplin‘s car. 😅   Thanks for stopping by, Rob

New Car!

I picked up a new car yesterday! 2014 BMW X3! Oh man, what an upgrade from my old 2011 BMW X3 haha ;). At first I was going to go to a parking garage with a glass building behind it and shoot off camera flash, but I was in this neighbourhood so I thought I’d …