It’s not always sunny in Kelowna

As the seasons change as does the landscape. The sun has been coming and going a lot these days and I found myself driving around the other day when I spotted some misty clouds rolling over a hilltop. I thought I’d better see if I could get up there and get a picture. After a little bit of exploring I decided the view back toward the lake was more interesting. The landscape looks so different with a bit of snow and clouds hanging overtop. I don’t dislike it, it’s peaceful. I think I’ll get up to this spot again, maybe on a clear evening to see what is like with all the lights behind the orchards.

Shot with a Sony a7R & Minolta 50mm f/1.2

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

8 thoughts

    • Thanks buddy. The weather is so day to day here lately. One day it’s sunny and the next it’s like this. Sadly the snow isn’t sticking around though. I am trying to make a backyard ice rink, but the lack of coldness is preventing that. Hopefully the temperature dips bellow freezing and stays there for a while soon.

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