Candid Michelle

rob moses exif data sony a7r 55mm 1.8

This is a candid shot I took of my wife Michelle while we were in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho this past summer. Michelle doesn’t really seem to like any pictures of herself (this one included, but I’m posting it anyhow haha) and isn’t to keen on posing. When I took this shot she was looking at that sign in front of her and I was coming up behind her. I just stopped had my camera in my face and ready to go and said “Michelle”, when she turned I took the picture haha. The auto focus is a little slow on that Sony a7R, so I didn’t get her completely off guard, but at least I got a picture of her. 😉

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

10 thoughts

  1. Beautiful photo and wife you have, you lucky sod! And nice job with that lens, you’re quick on the trigger mate! Nicely done. – Bill

  2. She’s beautiful. Remind her that the photographs are her legacy to her children and grandchildren. I face this all the time with my subjects, but once they realize this is what will be left after they are gone it seems to help with not liking their photos

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