The Bow River City

Last night a friend of mine (his blog here) and I went to shoot this photo and we knew a head of time wading through part of the Bow River was going to be part of the plan. On Tuesday evening my son and I had gone to a spot right by here to shoot some photos that didn’t turn out exactly how I had hoped. While we were there I noticed a tiny island of rocks that would be a perfect location for this photo. So I told my friend Nathan about it and I we packed some sandals for walking through river and headed back to the spot. With pants rolled up and gear in hand we crossed the shallow part of the river to the tiny island and let the sun go down just enough for this shot. The river was cold and it was windy, but the picture turned out exactly how I had imagined, so it was worth the effort :).

Blog YYC bow river water skyline city sky alberta beautiful - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographer Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Canadian LifestyleCamera: Canon 6D & 70-200mm f4 IS ~ Settings: f/25 – 4 Frame HDR – ISO 100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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