Beautiful Creek in Penticton BC

While I was in Penticton BC, this summer I saw many beautiful scenes. This scene was one of my favourite and I just stumbled upon it. I was walking a long a very random path because I decided I wanted to park in a little further away from my destination so I could take in some more of the town. While walking I noticed the beautiful light shining into the trees. I ran over, found a good vantage point and waited for some one to cross the bridge. The first person had a dog, BONUS! These little decisions don’t always work out, but I’d say it did on this day :).

Blog Penticton BC British Columbia Canada creek river bridge walk dog landscape - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographer Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Canadian LifestyleCamera: Canon 6D & 50mm 1.4 – Setting: f/16 – 1/100th – ISO 800

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

11 thoughts

  1. This is gorgeous! I have a Canon 50mm 1.8 and I really don’t use it too often, I’m not comfortable with it. I need to take it out as my ONLY lens for the day pop it on my 6D and just force myself to get creative with it. I have been told it’s a great lens for concert photography, but again I’m almost afraid of it. Maybe this weekend I’ll do just that, use it and blog so stay tuned…….. Deb

    • Thank you Deb! And YES please do that. The 50mm lens is SOOO GOOD! Putting it on and going out with only that lens is a great idea. In fact, I just did that my self last night! I knew the photo I wanted to shoot, but wasn’t sure if 50 was going to be the right length, but I trusted in the 50 and just took it (& nothing else) anyhow. I am happy to say I got a really cool picture and I will be posting that one tomorrow :). If your really accustom to a zoom, just remember, your legs can do the job pretty good 😉 When moving forward or back isn’t doing the trick you will get creative and find a good shot.

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