Dog Sign

Here’s a random sign regarding dogs by the City of Calgary haha. Rather random, but I like the bokeh :).

City of Calgary famous Dogs off leash sign bokeh blur - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle PhotographerCamera: Pentax K5 & 50mm SMC Pentax-F 50mm 1.7 ~ Settings: 1/13th – f/1.7 – ISO 800

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

15 thoughts

  1. Pentax images always have a unique signature. The bokeh is quite nice. “Owner must remove defecation immediately”….seems to escape many dog owners who frequent the parks here in Wpg. ‘Squish’ followed by a few expletives by me! πŸ˜‰

  2. Dude! That bokeh is off the leash!

    And let me put on my identity as Annoying Pedant and note the following: “defecation” is an action. One cannot “remove defecation” any more than one can “remove sneezing” or “remove dancing” or “remove walking.”

    One can remove feces or fecal matter or dung or ordure–but not “defecation.”

    I know: it’s a smelly subject, but someone must uphold the purity of the English language, no matter how onerous (or ordurous) the duty . . .

    And, after that brief intermission, let me note that this is another great shot.

  3. Nice photo – always love seeing the funny ways/choice of words used on various signs.
    Be willing to bet it’s not always effective, especially the “under control” part. Many of the off leash parks we’ve been to seem to be more for *owners* to gather and socialize, rather than for their dog’s benefit.

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