Into The Light

I don’t often take pictures of the back of people, but some how I thought in the particular moment it fit. Got a sharp point of interest, a nice bit of rim light from the light pointing our way and a row bokeh balls to finish off the frame. Not bad ;).

Look Front Stage toque hat fur cote jacket rim light bokeh blur back light flare street - Rob Moses Photography - Calgary Vancouver Seattle Photographer - Famous 50mm LensCamera: Canon 5D mark iii & 50mm 1.4 ~ Settings: 1/6400 – f/1.4 ISO 100

Thanks for stopping by, Rob



  1. It is an interesting point of view in this case as their appears to be so much to see – we’re immediately put into this persons shoes. Nice shot, Rob. Oh yes, and the bokehlicious backgrounds are always good!


  2. For some reason, I tend to like the back of people, or the side…I think it’s something about capturing vulnerability and the unknowing…yeah, I’m weird it’s probably official!


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