Gate No.3 in Kelowna

When I shot this photo I was actually looking for a spot to get a shot of a couple buildings. This gate with all the weird metal behind it kind of caught my eye. The old Gate No.3 sign and the metal structure behind the fence work well together and I though it’d make a cool picture. I knew straight away the picture was going to be better with someone walking down the street and with no one in sight that person was going to have to be me haha.

This photo was a long exposure. I should add that in this part of town and this street in particular is super quiet. Only one car pass by the whole time I was shooting photos here. Anyhow, in order for me to appear to be just walking down the sidewalk I had to stand in that position as still as I could with out any movement for 30 seconds. And of course while I’m doing this the only car I saw that night drove by at that moment LOL. Whoever drove by must have thought I was some kind of weirdo just standing frozen like that. I was happy to see them driving down the street thought, because I knew the extra light on the street would add to the photo.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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