CineStill Cameron

I loaded up a roll of CineStill 800T 35mm film loaded into my Canon EOS 3 and as I was walking out the door to go shoot some photos my son Cameron asked me where I was going. I told him and asked him if he wanted to come with me, he did. 🙂 Since I had Cam with me I figured I might as well shoot a few photos of him and these are a couple of the ones I like.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

2 thoughts

  1. CineStill film is interesting film. One of our die hard curmudgeon photo dealers, the only one left in town, actually, thinks Cine film is not worth the money, because even with CineStill’s stabilization process, he doesn’t think it is stable. I’ve tried most of CineStill Film’s films. I think they are pretty cool, and CineStill Film is really an innovative force in film.

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