Watching The Lights

This massive Christmas tree of lights is so great! I’ve driven by it so many times since I moved to Kelowna, but this was actually the first time I went up close to it. I’ve been meaning to shoot a photo of this light tree for a couple years now, so I’m happy I finally got over there.

I shot a bunch of photos of the light tree from different angles and nothing was really jumping out at me. I mean the light tree is great, but just the light tree wasn’t doing it for me. When I got up on the overpass I thought some car lights from the street bellow might spice up the photo some. After my first shot I was happy, but still I felt the picture was still missing something, a person. I was by myself, so naturally I whipped on the 10 second timer and jumped in the photo. After a quick look, I knew I had the shot I wanted.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

3 thoughts

  1. I made the same observation. I take photos of landscapes and they look great. Somehow, I found it lacking too. The addition of a human or animal subject made the photo more interesting

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