A Couple Strangers

If you watched the video in my last you post you’ve already seen this couple and you saw for yourself how I ended up taking their picture. These two we so great and they both were very keen to let me take their picture. I really love looking at these pictures of them because I have such good feelings towards them, even though I only met them for a brief moment in time.

These photos were shot on 120 film (Fujifilm PRO 400H) with my Pentax 6×7 medium format camera. The photos were actually underexposed, so when I brightened them up during the scanning process a lot of grain came into the picture. Even though the images aren’t as clean as I would like them to be I still enjoy them because of the experience I had taking them and I think that is more important then a technically perfect image.

Camera: Pentax 67 & 105mm f/2.4

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Incase you didn’t see the video from my last post, here is again. 😉

4 thoughts

  1. Just discovered your blog a little while ago. I love the idea of candids with a medium format camera. The Pentax 67 is a beast. As for the film, I’m curious how you find 400H. I recently reviewed the film stock and found that it is a phenomenal portrait film, but it needs a lot of light and the colors can be a bit finicky. Since it was engineered from the beginning to be scanned and edited digitally (weird I know) I found it to be incredibly versatile especially where the dynamic range was concerned. If you haven’t already, I’d love to hear your thoughts on 400H.

    I’ll be sure to sub to your Youtube Channel too. Cheers Tobias

    • Hey Tobias, sorry I just saw this. Anyhow as for the 400H, ya it’s really good when over exposed. As you said it need lots of light. The best shots I got out of it were wildly over exposed (by accident). The next roll I shoot of this stuff I’m going to rate for ISO 200 and then I might even try 100.

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