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I shot this photo on Friday night from Rotary Park in Calgary. The camera in the picture is my Mamiya 645 1000s with a 80mm f/1.9. I had the camera set up on a tripod and had another tripod set up higher over the pictured camera. I shot this photo with a Sony A7R with a Nikon 55mm f/2.8 Micro manual focus lens. After my first test shot I knew I was going to need some external light, because the street light that was on in the park was super orange and the grass was a very ugly version of a pumpkin orange. Since I didn’t bring any lighting I just whipped out my trusty iPhone and used the flashlight on there to paint the scene while the 30 exposure was on. I think it all worked out pretty good!

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Fine Art to a Photographer

I shot this photo a couple years ago and it is still one of my favourite to date. I have it blown up movie poster size and hanging in my living room. The camera your looking into in the photo is one of the original Seagull TLR cameras before they changed their name to “Seagull”. The camera in the view finder of the Seagull is a Canon Pellix. Both wonderful and fun cameras in their own ways :).

I shot this photo with a Canon 7D and one Canon 550EX Speedlite shot through and umbrella. I had the Seagull set on my deck with the Canon Pellix sitting in front of it a few feet away. The flash was set up to camera left, pointed at the Pellix. It was really fun shooting this photo and I hope to do some more of this kind of thing in the near future.

TLR Seagull Celebrity - Canon Pellix Famous - Rob Moses Photography

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