Pelican Case Alternative

I bought this Pelican style case for my Pentax 6×7. I never thought I’d ever want to use a case like this for a camera. But when I thought about traveling with my 6×7 the idea of it banging around in the back of a car with a bunch of other suitcases in just a regular camera bag did not sit well with me. If something were to happen to my Pentax 67 it’s not like I could just got to B&H or some other camera store and buy a new one. With that in mind I figured a hard case like this would be a good idea.

First I looked into a Pelican case and it looked like the model 1650 would be about right. Then I saw the price. Retail price from the Pelican site is $485. Canadian dollars! Once I saw that, that idea quickly came to an end. Although Pelican was out, I still needed a case. I did some looking around and found this awesome case by “Maximum” which I bought from a store called “Canadian Tire”. Just so happens the case was on sale at the time, so I got it for pretty cheap, around $140 if I remember correctly. The regular price of this case is $250, so it’s nearly half the price of the Pelican version.

I actually like the Maximum case better than the Pelican because the clips are easier to open then the Pelican clips. I have always found the Pelican clips to be a real paint to open and close (I have a smaller Pelican I use for a strobe). Anyhow, I wasn’t planning on writing this much haha. Check out the video and see how good the case looks for yourself.

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Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  1. My husband has three Pelican cases (bought on sale!) and knew exactly what you were talking about with the latches being a PITA. The Storm Pelican case he has uses a push button to open it–the others are ridiculously hard to open/close. He enjoyed this video and was going to see if we had Maximum here in Florida. Thanks, Rob!

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