All The Lights

I had drove by this place a few times and I knew right away that I was going to go back one night and shoot a photo. I love all the lights on the sign and the strings of lights above the deck. These type of lights always look good in long exposures. The place was closed when I took this these pictures and that’s probably a good thing as I wouldn’t have had the place to myself otherwise.

I wasn’t planning on being in any pictures on this night. When I looked at the shot on the deck with a bunch of empty picnic tables I knew I needed a person in the shot and since I was alone I had no choice but to get in the frame. These types of situations seem to come up from time to time so I think I better just play it safe and wear something I don’t mind being in a picture with, because this night wasn’t it for me. 😉

Camera: Sony a7R & Nikon 14mm f/2.8

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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