Just made the cut

I wasn’t planning on sharing this picture. I didn’t think it was good enough to be perfectly honest with you. However when I was looking at it trying to decide if I should even toss it on Twitter or not my wife Michelle walked by and told me she like it. I figure if she likes it maybe some other people might like it too, so why not let it out.

When I was looking at this picture I was also thinking I wish I had shot this at 50mm rather than 35mm. I shot this one the other night when I was out with my x100s, so 50 wasn’t an option. I think I’ll go back here and shoot this again with a 50, maybe even 100. Anyhow, I guess the picture is alright, I just lean heavy on 50 so subconsciously (or consciously?) I’m probably thinking everything would look better at 50 lol.

Camera: Fujifilm x100s

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

8 thoughts

    • Well if I’m gonna pack around extra stuff I’ll just grab a proper kit like my Sony a7R or even my X-T2. The reason I like the x100s is because it is so small. The moment I start adding stuff to it then the main reason I like it is gone. . . I do appreciate the suggestion though 🙂

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