35 or Bust!

I’m back out and about shooting photos! Well, not that I haven’t been shooting photos, but I’ve mostly been sticking around home and my neighbourhood and getting out into nature. But things around Kelowna seem to be getting back to normal these days so I figured it’s probably safe for me go downtown and do my thing now.

So this photo wasn’t planned or anything, I just went out with my camera and tripod and took a little walk around. I only took my Fujifilm X100s so my options were limited. If you are unfamiliar with this camera, it is a fixed lens rangefinder style camera with a 35mm equivalent lens, so whatever your shooting better look good at 35. I’ve never gone out with just 35 before so I figured I’d give it a try. It was fine, but on a lot of occasions I felt like I needed another lens. With that said I probably won’t do that again unless I’m traveling and I need to be traveling light for some reason.

Anyhow, this is the only keeper I was Kind of happy with so that probably speaks for itself haha. I’ll be sure to bring a half decent kit out with me next time.


Camera: Fujifilm x100s

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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