Shy Eagle

Yesterday I went for a little drive south of the city (Kelowna) to see if I could get any decent pictures. I was in my Westfalia van and shot a bunch of pictures of the van and some landscape stuff. I felt like I had got enough photos for the day and started heading home when I spotted this eagle perched on a tree. I quickly found parking for my van, put on my Pentax 500mm f/4.5 lens grabbed a tripod and started boogie’n down this hill. As soon as I got close enough and started setting up my tripod the eagle flew away!

I could see he only flew far enough away that if I hiked back up the hill and walked down the road for 5 minutes or so and then made my way back down the hill I could still get my shots. So off I went and when I got close enough, before I stated climbing down the hill I set up on the side of the road and shot off 3 frames. Then I shot a couple quick videos for my Instagram Stories before I was going to start my decent and wa-la! He was off once again! Unforutnetly this time he flew a little too far off for me to continue chasing him. (Visit my instagram and click the “Wildlife” stories to see the mentioned videos)

Thankfully I shot those 3 photos from the road I would have had nothing. I’ll be sure and come at him a different way next time and hopefully get some closer shots. These photos are cropped in extremely heavy and wouldn’t be good for much else other than this and social media, but that’s all I really needed them for anyhow I guess haha.

Pay no mind to the rust on my van, I’m gonna fix that haha. πŸ˜‰

Eagle photos shot with a Sony a7R & Pentax 500mm f/4.5

Van photo shot with a Sony a7R & Canon 70-300mm DO IS

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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  2. Those are nice Images of the Eagle. We have them around here, but not many. Once in a while, I use my Vivitar 500mm Mirror Lens with my Pentax K10D. but most of the time I use my Pentax 80-300mm Lens. Also use a Nikon D7000 more than anything. Greetings from the USA!

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