Where Have I Been?

As you may know from my pervious blog posts, I was recently in Hawaii. As you may also know I haven’t been blogging a ton lately. It was with great surprise that I discovered I haven’t shared any of the photos I shot in Hawaii other than the wedding photos!

My precious Instagram account (@RobMoses) has been taking all my time and attention and left nothing for my poor blog. That is all about to change, well at least I am going to give it a good try haha. First I just need to start with massive game of catch up. I have shot so many photos over the summer and only shared a handful of them here. Moving forward I am going to make the blog more of priority.

Kicking things back off here with a picture my son Cameron enjoying the view from our room in Honolulu.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click photo to view in a larger size.

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