Pearl Harbor, Hawaii

When I was in Hawaii last summer I obviously took a trip out to Pearl Harbor. I’m not a big war buff or anything, but it was pretty interesting to see all that stuff. I never saw those big rockets before, they are pretty amazing! I also toured a submarine and a battle ship which was fun to see. The U.S.S. Arizona Memorial (ship that sank) was crazy to be at. Right before you take the tour they show you this little film about what happened. Being out there is really something else and even if you’re not into that kind of thing I think you’d enjoy it.

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I was out shooting some photos one night with a friend of mine and I was getting pretty board of the pictures I was taking. I thought I’d just hop in some of the shots to shake things up. 🙂

Oh and by the way, this is in no way an endorsement or anything of that nature to the companies sign I am sitting in front of haha. The sign just kind of matched my shirt, so I sat there.

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Random Beach

This is just some random beach I stopped at while cruising around Hawaii. It was a pretty wicked spot and I kind of wish I had hung out a little longer. Maybe next time! 🙂

Click photo to view in a larger size.

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Where Have I Been?

As you may know from my pervious blog posts, I was recently in Hawaii. As you may also know I haven’t been blogging a ton lately. It was with great surprise that I discovered I haven’t shared any of the photos I shot in Hawaii other than the wedding photos!

My precious Instagram account (@RobMoses) has been taking all my time and attention and left nothing for my poor blog. That is all about to change, well at least I am going to give it a good try haha. First I just need to start with massive game of catch up. I have shot so many photos over the summer and only shared a handful of them here. Moving forward I am going to make the blog more of priority.

Kicking things back off here with a picture my son Cameron enjoying the view from our room in Honolulu.

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New West Wedding Styles

exif-data-rob-moses-canon-7d-10-20mmI have a bunch of wedding photos that I posted to my old blog that shall never see the light of day again. I thought I would grab some of my favourite ones and post them on here from time to time.

I shot this one a while back in New Westminster, BC. The location was one that I often used and is one of my favourite locations in the city of Vancouver. I used one Canon Speedlite (Probably a 550EX) shot through a white umbrella to camera right. I used to shoot a lot more off camera flash back then, something I plan on doing more of these days.

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Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.


I finally decided to put together a little prints page! It’s easy and straight forward to use so if you ever feel like spending some money, head to ;).

You can order prints for framing in a lustre finish semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors in the following sizes: 4×6, 5×7, 8×10, 11×14. If you want a canvas you can order beautiful Hand-Crafted premium gallery wraps made with strong 1-1/2” deep poplar frames & UV protected laminate that protects & enhances. The gallery wraps are available in: 16×24, 20×30, and 24×36.

The gallery is a little Calgary heavy at the moment, but I will be adding new photos all the time. I just gotta take a zip through my external hard drive and see what else I have on there that might interest people.

YYC urban building windows reflection tower city life modern Rob Moses Photography Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous un celebrity Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian

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Skyline Camera Phone

Calgary Canada HTC One Canon 7D Skyline reflection instagram Rob Moses Photography

I shot a photo of the Calgary skyline this summer from the East Village. While I was there I took my phone out shoot a Instagram picture. While taking that picture if thought a picture of my phone taking that picture might be cool haha. I’m a big fan of the BOKEH!, so I rather like this one :). The phone in the picture is a HTC One and the camera in the phone is a Canon 7D.

The picture on the right is the Instagram picture I took with my phone. 

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It has been brought to my attention (by “FreeRangeCow) that I did not post the picture of the city I took with my camera on my blog. You can see that picture on my Facebook Page by clicking HERE. Thank you FreeRangeCow ;).

HTC ONE Calgary Alberta Canada Famous city Skyline water reflection Bokeh balls - Rob Moses Photography Photographer - Canon 5D3 5Diii 7D 5D mark iii 50mm Camera: Canon 5D mark iii & 50mm 1.8 mark i ~ Settings: 1/20th – f/1.8 – ISO 2000

My 5D Mark iii & 1D Mark iiN

Canon 5D 5Diii mark 3 5D3 1D iiN 2n DSLR Camera Digital - Rob Moses Photography - Canadian 50L Celbrity 50mm 7D famous 16-35mm Photographer

A lot of people get hung up on having the latest and greatest of gear in the hopes that the camera will make them a better photographer. This does have a little bit of truth to it, but as far as camera bodies go, I don’t believe that truth carries much weight. Lenses is a whole another bag of worms I’ll get into another day.

For example, the two camera bodies I have pictured here are my two go to bodies. The Canon 5D Mark iii is a wonderful camera that pretty much as everything anyone could ask for in a body. However, I still love shooting with my old Canon 1D Mark iiN. In fact I shoot with it quite often as long as the conditions(decent lighting) are right. Sure the screen isn’t tac sharp and your not going to impress anyone with your old camera, but the auto focus is great, fast fps and most importantly it produces great image quality. Oh and if some one tries to robb you, you can knock them out with your camera because it’s like hitting someone with a bag of bricks!

Anyhow, I just wanted to show the Canon 1D Mark iiN a little love because it seems people have pretty much written off this camera. I understand the allure of the new bodies like the 5D Mark iii, but an old body can still give you great results. I use my oldie all the time! 🙂

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Fine Art to a Photographer

I shot this photo a couple years ago and it is still one of my favourite to date. I have it blown up movie poster size and hanging in my living room. The camera your looking into in the photo is one of the original Seagull TLR cameras before they changed their name to “Seagull”. The camera in the view finder of the Seagull is a Canon Pellix. Both wonderful and fun cameras in their own ways :).

I shot this photo with a Canon 7D and one Canon 550EX Speedlite shot through and umbrella. I had the Seagull set on my deck with the Canon Pellix sitting in front of it a few feet away. The flash was set up to camera left, pointed at the Pellix. It was really fun shooting this photo and I hope to do some more of this kind of thing in the near future.

TLR Seagull Celebrity - Canon Pellix Famous - Rob Moses Photography

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These Dreams of Shooting Fashion

Lisa M G 2 famous - Rob Moses Photography celebrity Are you one of those people who watches “The Breakfast Club” and then wishes they went to high school in the 80’s? Or after you watched “The Fast & The Furious” you went into the gararge and lifted up the hood of your car only to realized you don’t really know what your looking at? Well I am,  and I just watched an interesting documentary called “Picture Me” about a model (Sara Ziff) and her experiences in the modelling & fashion industry. Don’t get me wrong, I have zero interest in putting down my camera and putting on a Speedo! It’s the photography I am interested in.

It has always been a dream of mine to shoot fashion. However, up to this point I haven’t really done much to insert my self into that industry. Some where along the way I started shooting weddings and then that developed into a full time gig. I always thought to my self “I can shoot wedding and try and get into fashion with the rest of my time”. Unfortunately, shooting weddings is rather time consuming and there just isn’t a lot of time left over. With that my fashion photography dreams kind of hit the back burner.
So just as “Back To The Future” made me want to skateboard as a kid, seeing those fashion photographers on that documentary has reinvigorated my fashion dreams. Now lets see if I can do anything about it! 😉
Here are a few photos I shot last December with a girl (Lisa M G) I found on Model Mayhem.
Lisa M G 1 famous - Rob Moses Photography celebrity
Lisa M G 3 famous - Rob Moses Photography celebrity
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