Nice Place

So I was walking around Waikiki one day just looking around and taking in the sights when I passed by this beautiful hotel. I stopped and admired it for a moment, took a picture and went on my way. I’m sure this hotel is just as nice on the inside, but without a doubt the price tag for such a place would be a little more than I’d be willing the part with haha. I’ll just admire it from the outside and spend my time exploring the city.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

2 thoughts

  1. Photo #1, Moana Surfrider Hotel. It is one of those high-end hotels in Waikiki, but also historic as one of the earliest hotels in Honolulu. Most famous is the Royal Hawaiian for its pink exterior. Every resort hotel in Waikiki is fairly expensive. 🙂

    • Oh you dont need to tell me! I saw the prices lol. Even still, I will probably stay in one of the ones on the beach next time. I wasn’t far from the beach when I was there, but I think being right there would be better. 🙂

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