4th Street Lights

exif data rob moses canon fd 20mm 2.8 ssc a7ii

Sony a7ii & Canon FD 20mm 2.8 SSC

The lights that line 4th Street in Calgary are wonderful at night. I wish all the streets looked like this. For this shot I had waited till some cars were waiting for the light to change, that way the street wouldn’t just be streaks of light. When shooting long exposures on the street it’s hard to get a proper feel for how alive the scene is. The lack of people in the shots is probably the biggest contributing culprit in that regard. If you’re not familiar with shooting long exposures, a person could walk right by you and they wouldn’t show up in the photo (unless a flash hit them). Anyhow, I thought the cars in the shot would help. Cars or no cars, it’s all about them lights though!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Click to view image in a larger size.

Click to view image in a larger size.

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