Alberta Canada Landscape

Yesterday my friend Dusty and I took a little trip south of the city into the Alberta countryside to shoot some landscape photography. We came to the end of one road and saw a few vehicles parked and one of them was occupied. We went and talked to the guy in his truck and asked him if there was a trail that would lead us to a river we knew to be close by (via google maps). He informed us of a trial that would lead us there about 30 minuets into the woods, however the trail was rather wet and marshy. He showed us his muddy pants and said our sneakers probably wouldn’t do. However, we decided we might give it a go anyhow. As we started pulling out our camera gear he asked us if we had any bear mace, of course we did not. He then told us that the bears are what he was looking for and that there was a massive grizzly the area. He then showed us huge paw print he saw and took a picture with on his phone. So with this new valuable knowledge and the ringing of gun shots in the forest we decided we might be a little ill prepared for such a journey haha. So instead we drove about a minute up the road, pulled over and I shot this photo :).

Alberta Country Landscape hills sky clouds yyc nature natural - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Vancouver Calgary Photographer Native American Photographers top famous best popularCamera: Canon 6D & 70-200mm f4 IS @111mm ~ Settings: 1/200th – f/18 – ISO 400

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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