Sunburst City

I’m a sucker for a good sunburst and I’ll try to grab one whenever I can. The thing I really love about these pictures is that sunburst is the reflection of the sun off of a pretty cool looking building! If your a city guy (or girl) like me, then that’s what it’s all about ;).

Oh ya, and that dude that’s practicing his karate moves is hilarious! 🤣

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Stacey & Benn Back Then

These photos are of Stacey and Benn and I shot them last month. Obviously the lovely couple has already received their photos, but I just couldn’t find the time to get them up here. Anyhow, I had such a good time with these two and even though the weather was being super crazy the night we shot photos everyone still had fun and we got some good shots. The light was constantly changing and the wind was defiantly blowing and that makes for a some what difficult shoot. Even though the weather wasn’t perfect, I fun times of the shoot were! 🙂

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Alberta Canada Landscape

Yesterday my friend Dusty and I took a little trip south of the city into the Alberta countryside to shoot some landscape photography. We came to the end of one road and saw a few vehicles parked and one of them was occupied. We went and talked to the guy in his truck and asked him if there was a trail that would lead us to a river we knew to be close by (via google maps). He informed us of a trial that would lead us there about 30 minuets into the woods, however the trail was rather wet and marshy. He showed us his muddy pants and said our sneakers probably wouldn’t do. However, we decided we might give it a go anyhow. As we started pulling out our camera gear he asked us if we had any bear mace, of course we did not. He then told us that the bears are what he was looking for and that there was a massive grizzly the area. He then showed us huge paw print he saw and took a picture with on his phone. So with this new valuable knowledge and the ringing of gun shots in the forest we decided we might be a little ill prepared for such a journey haha. So instead we drove about a minute up the road, pulled over and I shot this photo :).

Alberta Country Landscape hills sky clouds yyc nature natural - Rob Moses Photography - Seattle Vancouver Calgary Photographer Native American Photographers top famous best popularCamera: Canon 6D & 70-200mm f4 IS @111mm ~ Settings: 1/200th – f/18 – ISO 400

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Wicked Interior

I shot this place yesterday and thought it was pretty cool, so I figured I’d share the pictures here. This place is just a few blocks down the street from my house and is selling for a whooping $1.7 MILLION Dollars! It’s a wicked house, but I would hope you could get a little more for 1.7 million, not in Calgary though.

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-1

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-2

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-3

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-4

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-5

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-7

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-8

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-9

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-11

House interior design modern real estate - Rob Moses Photography-10Camera: Canon 5D mark ii & 17-40L ~ Setting: 5 Frame HDR’s – f/18 – ISO 400

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Bokeh In The House

Some times you just gotta shoot f/1.2 and let the bokeh do the talking. 😉

786 Mike Swift Calgary 2013 Bokeh Canadian - Rob Moses Photography - Portrait photographer
Camera: Canon 5D mark ii & 50L – Setting: 1/200th // f1.2 // ISO 2500

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My 5D Mark iii & 1D Mark iiN

Canon 5D 5Diii mark 3 5D3 1D iiN 2n DSLR Camera Digital - Rob Moses Photography - Canadian 50L Celbrity 50mm 7D famous 16-35mm Photographer

A lot of people get hung up on having the latest and greatest of gear in the hopes that the camera will make them a better photographer. This does have a little bit of truth to it, but as far as camera bodies go, I don’t believe that truth carries much weight. Lenses is a whole another bag of worms I’ll get into another day.

For example, the two camera bodies I have pictured here are my two go to bodies. The Canon 5D Mark iii is a wonderful camera that pretty much as everything anyone could ask for in a body. However, I still love shooting with my old Canon 1D Mark iiN. In fact I shoot with it quite often as long as the conditions(decent lighting) are right. Sure the screen isn’t tac sharp and your not going to impress anyone with your old camera, but the auto focus is great, fast fps and most importantly it produces great image quality. Oh and if some one tries to robb you, you can knock them out with your camera because it’s like hitting someone with a bag of bricks!

Anyhow, I just wanted to show the Canon 1D Mark iiN a little love because it seems people have pretty much written off this camera. I understand the allure of the new bodies like the 5D Mark iii, but an old body can still give you great results. I use my oldie all the time! 🙂

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