Under A Bridge

With a scene like this I think most people would think to shoot this photo wide and I understand why, but I thought shooting it with a longer focal length might look good too. I’m happy with how the picture turned out, maybe next time I’ll see what I get with a wide-angle.

Calgary Alberta Canada City Urban Metro buildings bridges famous bow river - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle PhotographerCamera: Canon 5D mark iii & 70-300mm DO IS @70mm ~ Settings: 1/80th – f/14 – ISO 400

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

12 thoughts

  1. Nice cures, very interesting perspective. I like how you used the reflection off the water it illuminate the under side of the bridge. That really works well.

  2. I think the choice was good: you’ve emphasized the underside of the bridge almost directly above you, and that helps emphasize the curves of the bridge. You’ve also balanced the bridge supports against the skyscraper on the right side of the image. I think it’s a wonderful shot.

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