Seattle at Night

These are couple shots I took in Seattle that I really like. I shot them last year from Kerry Park in Queen Anneย (my favourite neighbourhood). If you ever make your way to Seattle, a stop at Kerry Park is a must. You can see the whole city, ocean and mountains from there. If you have small children a trip to Kerry Park can be fun for them too, as there is a playground just down the hill from the view point.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

Seattle Washington famous skyline night kerry park celbrity US American Canadian lights - Rob Moses Photography


Seattle Washington Kerry Park Sign Skyline bokeh blur balls famous city urban US - Rob Moses Photography Canadian Photographer

14 thoughts

  1. GORGEOUS!! So beautifully clear and crisp! I’m hoping to get back out there and redo my Seattle skyline pictures since I was just learning about skyline photography then! Stunning!!

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