The Little Tower

Apparently the Calgary Tower (Olympic Torch shaped building) used to be the tallest “building” in town. Hard to believe when you look at it from this angle, or from any angle really! haha. Things must have been a lot different around here back then.

Anyhow, I shot this from on Saturday night from a grave yard that has a good view of the city. It was extremely windy that night and I’m surprised I was even able to get a half decent picture in the conditions.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Camera: Nikon D3s & 70-200mm f/2.8 VR

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I met up with an old friend of mine last night and of course I just had to shoot a few photos of the guy. Catching up with your friends is always fun and taking pictures of people is too. Definitely fun times as always with Jawny!

Click photos to view in a larger size.

Camera: Nikon D3s & Sigma 85mm 1.4 ~ Flash: 1 Godox V860ii shot through a white umbrella

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An Old Friend

This is a dear old friend of mine from back in the day! Her name is Geraldine and we used to kick around Vancouver together. Sadly we have both since moved on to different cities. As you probably know I am in Calgary and Geraldine is surprisingly not far off up in Edmonton! Anyhow, we met up for lunch yesterday here in Calgary while she was passing through on her way to Canmore. It’s always fun catching up with old friends and what a better way to remember new memories but with a picture, so I took some. 😉

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Cammy Hockey

My 6 year old son has started playing hockey this year. Well it’s more of a hockey camp, but it’s the first time he’s been on a proper rink with all the gear. He’s been hanging around the rink watching his older brother Joshua play for the past few years and he finally decided he wanted to give it a go. Yesterday was his second day on the ice and he loves it!

Note: I shot all these photos through the thick (puck scuffed) plexiglass, so the images aren’t as sharp and bang on as they would otherwise be.

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