Kerri & Pat’s Calgary Wedding

Shooting weddings is always fun! However this particular wedding was really something special. First off, not only have I known Kerri for a really long time, but she is family and I guess so it’s Pat now! (nice addition) Even if I had just met Kerri & Pat the wedding would have been just as fun. They had a really great wedding party put together and the whole day was filled with laughs and a super easy going shoot. All wedding are good, but this one was great!

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

10 thoughts

  1. Rob you captured the joy. I’m sure the city of Calgary would be interested in that shot of Kerri in Pat’s arms to promo the city as a great place for young couples to live.

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  3. Le Gasp! Rob, not only is the splendor and beauty of the moment captured, but also the joy and rapture!
    The gown is to die for!!! Calgary is a wonderful backdrop, but not as stunning as the couple! Cheers to Kerri and pat! The future is yours.

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