Random Photographer

I was walking around taking pictures at the marina downtown in Kelowna. This guy was with a group of his friends and they seemed to be doing the same thing. As I walked by I noticed his cool looking camera. So I said to him, “Hey, can I get a picture of you with your camera up to your face?” He was happy to do and we both took a picture of each other. The interaction was about 20 seconds long, but it was a highlight of the day. Love meeting strangers even if it’s only for a moment.

Thanks for stopping by, Rob


2 thoughts

  1. That’s pretty cool when you run into someone else with a camera and can exchange shots like that. One question, if I may ask, has anyone said, “Please don’t take my photo. Please delete it.” or “I’d rather not be in your shot. Please delete it.” Different places, different rules. In the EU, a random can be considered a privacy violation. Here in the US, almost anything goes. If the random includes children, I can understand that. Just wondering. 🙂

    • No one has ever said anything to me and I’ve been pretty close to people and lot of times having people look right at me as I’m taking the picture. I’m pretty sure it’s the same here in Canada. If you’re in the street on public property pretty much anything goes. . . I should mention that I try to be respectful of people personal space and I don’t take pictures of homeless people or people in compromising positions.

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