Straight Out of Camera Strangers

I am the proud new owner of the Fujifilm 56mm f/1.2 lens! I just got it yesterday and I had to go test it out, but I needed some people to take pictures of. I zipped over to Crescent Road in Calgary and met some strangers who didn’t mind having their picture taken. The featured picture is of Jesis, he was shooting a time lapse so I went over and started talking to him and after some Instagraming I got a picture of him. I also met this really friendly girl who was taking pictures of the skyline with her phone. We go to talking and we made a deal that I’d take some pictures of her with her phone and then I’d take some with my camera haha. Then the black and white picture, well these guys just came up to me lol. These guys were also out taking pictures and just came over to see what kind of pictures I was getting. Of course, I had to get a shot these kindred spirits. The night was fun and I got to meet some really cool people, always bonus!

All the pictures are straight out of the camera with no edits. Except for the B&W and the city shot. I just wanted to see how the color Fuji files would turn out in a black and white conversation. And the city shot just needed a touch of contrast a tiny pull back on the highlights. 

The sun was in full sunset mode casting a very warm/pinkish light here↖︎.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

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rob-moses-exif-data-canon-5d-mark-iii-50mm-1-4I was kicking around the Kensington neighbourhood here in Calgary on Saturday night when I spotted this guy on the street. You could see the mustachio pop’n off right away and there was no way I wasn’t going to get a picture. I just walked up to him and said “Hey man, can I take your picture?” He said “Sure!” he smiled, I took the shot and it was all over in about 8 to 10 seconds. I love these kind of quick interactions with strangers on the street, it always makes for a more interesting night.

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Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Enjoy The View

exif-data-rob-moses-canon-6d-24-105mm-f4-isSometimes you just gotta have a seat and enjoy the beauty around you. When you’re in Lake Louise there is no shortage of places to do just that. I think this particular spot is definitely one of the best places to take it all in.

I didn’t know this guy, but I thought it was a good look the way he was sitting by the lake. I ran up behind him and shot about 5 photos. I was shooting at 24mm, so you can image how close I was to him. After I shot the first photo, he looked back at me and I shot my second frame. Clearly he didn’t mind because he just turned his head back and kept enjoying the view. 🙂

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Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Settings: f/4 - 1/800 - ISO 100

Settings: f/4 – 1/800 – ISO 100

Stranger in the Grass

Sony a7ii & 55mm

Sony a7ii

I was at one of my favourite skyline view locations in Calgary getting a shot of the city yesterday. While I was there I noticed this man sitting in the grass reading. It looked like the scene out of a movie or something, so I thought it might make a good picture. I walked up the guy and asked him if he minded me taking his picture while he was reading. Lucky for me he was a very friendly person and clearly didn’t mind having his picture taken. After I shot the photo he ask me if I could send him the picture and of course I said I would be happy to do so. A phone number and a text later and I was on my way. Thanks for being so easy going Nick!

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Click photo to view in a larger size.

Click photo to view in a larger size.

Doable Winter

exif data Canon 550D t2i Tamron 17-50mm 2.8 VC rob mosesWe are finally having some winter weather I can actually deal with in Calgary! It has been around 7C (44F) mark for the past couple weeks and it is only getting warmer in the forecast! I don’t know how long it can stay like this, but I’ll take whatever I can get. The warm weather makes for good photo taking! I shot this one morning while I was out for a little walk last weekend. I shot this same photo before the guy came along and I just wasn’t feeling it with no one in the picture. Lucky for me a few minutes later this guy came strolling and long and I got a few shots off as he crossed the bridge. These kind of pictures are always better with person in the frame.

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YYC bridge city buildings winter sky street man walking tower sunny Rob Moses Photography Calgary Vancouver Seattle Spokane Photographer WA BC Native American Tlingit Ojibaway famous un celebrity Canadian best

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Floating Around in the Fog

Camera: Canon 5D mark iii & 16-35L ii at 35mm ~ Settings: f/2.8 – 1/400th – ISO 2500

It has been rather foggy around Calgary these days. Yesterday I decided to take a picture of myself on the path in front of my house. My original idea was to shoot a photo of me just standing in the path with my camera and I did that. When reviewing the photos on the cameras LCD I thought the photo could use a little extra zip, and the idea to jump popped into my head. I think the levitating look adds a real fun element to the shot.

Man walking dog cute pug doggie path yyc fog foggy guy trees nice - Rob Moses Photography Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous un celebrity Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian

Camera: Canon 5D mark iii & 16-35L ii at 35mm ~ Settings: f/4.5 – 1/125th – ISO 2000

I used a Canon RC-1 remote on a 2 second timer to trigger my camera which was on a tripod behind me. I shot about a dozen of these, because I had to make sure I jumped right at the perfect time to be in the air when the shutter clicked. I also didn’t want my clothes to look like they were flapping around either. At first I was wearing a hoody on while doing this, but it just didn’t look right. It was only after the fact that I noticed my shirt matched my lens haha. Just good luck there.

As for the second shot, since I was clearly taking up the whole path way I had the opportunity to say hello to a few people from the neighbourhood. I snapped a quick shot of this friendly guy and his dog as they walked by. Nothing like getting in people’s way to spark up a little dialog. 😉

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Side Note: If anyone is wondering, in the picture I’m holding a Canon 6D & 70-200mm f/2.8 IS in my hand.

This Girl Again

One day when I was shooting photos on the Centre Street Bridge in Calgary, I noticed a girl running whom I had taken a picture of not once, but twice before up the hill at Crescent road! haha. By the time I realized who she was, I had missed my opportunity for a front shot, so I quickly turned and took one from the back just to keep the set going haha. I hope she stumbles upon this blog one day and finds a picture of her self :).

Woman running run jog jogging centre street bridge calgary yyc fit fitness bokeh - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian Awesome LifestyleCamera: Nikon D300s & 50mm 1.8D ~ f/1.8 – 1/500th – ISO 200

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Princes Island Bridge

Just a random shot I took the other day while I was walking across the Princes Island Bridge here in Calgary. It’s kind of a wired bridge because you can feel it kind of bouncing a little bit when your standing on it. In any case, I like the view from this bridge :).

YYC Princes Island bridge people woman man walking street urban - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Calgary Photographer Photographers Native American Famous Tlingit Ojibawa Top Popular Best Good Canadian Awesome LifestyleCamera: Sony NEX-7 & Zeiss FE 55mm 1.8 ~ Settings: f/14 – 1/60 – ISO 400

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Ramah – Sudan to Calgary

More People of Calgary Action!

The People of Calgary

I met this fellow on a popular pathway by the river near Edwothy Park. I had just arrived, got my stuff ready and he was the first person to walk in my direction. While he was walking towards me I noticed he was wearing headphones, so my first thought was to just let him pass by, but I made the split second decision to just walk over to him, get his attention and then tell him what I was up to. Right when I stopped him and he took off his head phones I could tell he was a nice guy. I told him what was up and he happily agreed to participate. Here is what Ramah had to say.

2 Ramah - Sudan People of Calgary - Stranger fashion skyline urban city nice - Rob Moses Photography - Native American Alaskan Famous Tlingit - Seattle Top Vancouver Photographer Popular PhotographersCamera: Nikon D300s & 50mm 1.8D ~ Settings: f/1.8 – 1/2000th – ISO 200

1. Where are you from?
I’m from Sudan.

2. Sudan! Awesome, wow. So how did you end up in…

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Cecilia – Writing in Cosmopolitan Calgary

I haven’t posted any People of Calgary stuff here for quite a while, so here ya go ;).

The People of Calgary

I ran into Cecilia at one of my favourite photo spots in the city, Crescent Road at the top of McHugh Bluff Park. I had just arrived there and got all my stuff ready to go when I saw Cecilia walking towards me. I said to my self, “this girl looks like the prefect candidate”. I walked over to her and told her what I was up to and if she was interested in participating, clearly she was and I couldn’t have been happier. I love it when the first person I ask says yes :).

Cecilia Wright - People of Calgary - Stranger Writer filmmaker beautiful woman girl nice - Rob Moses Photography - Native American Alaskan Famous Tlingit - Seattle Top Vancouver Photographer Popular PhotographersCamera: Canon 6D & 85mm 1.8 ~ Settings: f/1.8 – 1/1600th – ISO 100

1. Where are you from?
I’m from Calgary.

2. And have you lived here all your life?
I have!

Rob: Wow, that’s rare (laughter). 

Cecilia: Ya, it is. 

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
I do.

4. What do…

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That Shaw TV Thing

The People of Calgary

Hey guys (& gals), here is that Shaw TV thing I mentioned in the last couple posts! It was produced by Shiva Jahanshah (@ShivaJahanshah). We filmed this at the Core shopping centre downtown in Calgary. For people who have never been here, it is just what it sounds like, the major shopping centre in the downtown core :). We started off with a little interview and then they had do my thing and talk to some strangers. I think I sound a little weird in the very beginning, but what are ya gonna do haha.

Thank you so much for putting that together Shiva! We gotta get you on here one of these days ;).

Thanks for stopping by, Rob

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Joe – Checking Out Calgary

I haven’t shared anything from here in a while. 🙂

The People of Calgary

I was recently contacted by a lovely woman by the name of Shiva Jahanshah about about doing a little profile on me and this blog for her TV show (“Who’s Who”). Of course I said I would be up for such a thing and we made arrangements to meet. When we met we did a quick interview and then they filmed me doing my thing talking to Strangers. Joe was the first person I had asked and he agreed to do it! Right after I was done talking to Joe, Shiva did a quick wrap up with him for the show. Here is what Joe had to say :). 

Joe 1.1 - The People of Calgary - Man Guy Asian glasses bokeh head shot portrait stranger - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer

1. Where are you from?
Rob: Hey me too!

2. Why did you moved to Calgary of all places?
Well for school, for work, new opportunities and just for a change.

3. Do you like living in Calgary?
It’s not…

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Nice People Park

The weather has been rather nice in Calgary these days. I stopped by this little park on my way home the other day and snapped this picture. I shot this photos right when I got there, then I when down the hill a little in front of this woman to shoot some photos of the buildings. After I took a few pictures, the woman from the picture had gone and I sat down in her spot and took couple pictures from there. While I sat there adjusting settings and taking pictures, I noticed another girl sitting on the bench beside me. I sat and took pictures for another 5 minuets or so. When I left I noticed the girl who was sitting beside me had got up and walked over to take some pictures of the skyline from the spot I was perviously at in front of the bench I was on. From what I gather, this very nice girl was waiting till I was done taking pictures to walk in front of me to take hers. This  lovely young woman had made my day and restored my faith that there are some nice and polite people in this city. Thank you! 😉

Calgary Alberta Skyline Street park buildings condos apartments girl woman bench urban city famous yyc - Rob Moses Photography - Vancouver Seattle Photographer Photographers-1Camera: Pentax K5 & Pentax-F 50mm 1.7 ~ Settings: 1/160th – f/8 – ISO 100

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